Pakistan is a land of natural beauty and today I will suggest you my checklist to visit Lahore Pakistan.

Famous places to eat in Lahore

  1. If you are a lover of historical building and tasty food, you must visit Lahore Pakistan.
  2. You should try Phajja Siri Paye in Androon Lahore.It is a goat’s foot curry that is healthy and famous for its unique taste throughout Pakistan.Click here to book a cheap flight to Pakistan and enjoy the best Pakistani food.
  3. If you want to try the best buttermilk, try it from Gawal Mandi’s famous buttermilk shop “Feekay Ki Lassi”.

But Karahi is a must eat if you visit Lahore. You must taste “Butt Karahi”. You will really love their taste especially if you order their “Desi Murgh karahi in desi ghee”. Book your cheap flight to Pakistan now.

There are many famous places to eat in Lahore which I can never end in this blog. I will continue with other places to eat in my next blog.

Famous historical places to visit

The best places to visit in Lahore are

Lahore Fort. Lahore Fort is one of the most popular places to see when visiting Lahore. It has full history. Some of the monuments in Lahore fort date to the era of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

  1. Badshahi Mosque.This is the mosque created by the Mughal Emperors.It is a true representation of the history and of how the Muslims love their religion that they built such a big mosque. Book cheap flights to Pakistan.
  2. The museum commonly known as Ajaib Ghar.It is almost 126 years old, it was found during the British colonial period.It is the most visited and famous museum and remains one of the largest museums in South Asia. To visit Lahore Museum book your cheap flight to Pakistan now.

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