Frequently Asked

Being a travel agency is quite exciting and responsible. Naturally, there are some issues associated with travel agencies. We take pride in answering most of the frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer here, please feel free to send us an email and we will hear from you as soon as possible.

  • How do travel agents make money? do i have to pay extra to book my ticket or hotel?

    • We are paid by airlines and hotels. Therefore, we do not charge an additional service fee.
    • Most of the airlines and our business partners have price parity. The cost would be the same whether you book yourself or book with us.
    • You get an added advantage if you decide to book with us for a stress-free trip without the hassle of going it alone.
  • What is different to booking through an online portal or booking through a travel agency?

    At Indus Travel Aps, you have the advantage of personal assistance before, during and after your trip. Whether you are concerned about the budget, need travel information, want to know applicable rules and regulations or need specific service, you will always find our professional service at your disposal. We also pride ourselves on our personal business relationships to tackle any challenge that may arise during the journey. So it is practical to hear “YES” in many situations where it is almost impossible to handle the situations if you have booked through an online portal.

  • Can i book online or do i have to visit the office to pick up my ticket?

    Yes, our very own online portal is at your service. You can have the same price both online, by telephone contact or by visiting our office. However, we provide the same services to our online customers and physical bookings.

    • If you are busy at work or it is not convenient to visit our office, we can email you the tickets and the necessary information for your trip.