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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan which is the land of nature and adventures. There are many pleasing sites to visit. This city has the highest living standard in Pakistan which is very familiar to tourism. Islamabad is known for the presence of its attractive and pleasing places like Parks, Mosques, Margalla Hills and Shakarparian, etc. Some more landmark places are also there in Islamabad Pakistan National Monuments and the is a city of Pakistan which makes Pakistan more beautiful and valuable. It was designed by a Greek architect. Many people from Pakistan and other countries visit this city and enjoy a lot from its beautiful enchantress. This city is well known due to having many pious and indolent mosques which give calm to any tourist.

Top 10 Best Places In Islamabad

Islamabad is familiar for tourism and for visits it’s one of the best places worldwide. It has many elegant nature tourist-friendly places in city hills and mountain tops for camping, hill climbing, and enjoying nature.

The Faisal Mosque

The Faisal mosque is one of the best religious places in Islamabad to visit. It is a divine and recited prayer place. this is the sixth-largest mosque in the world it can accommodate up to 300K worshipers in it. It has the four largest minarets of 79m highest tallest minarets in South Asia. There it has a ground, courtyard, hall and many sitting areas for its visitors. They love to visit it. The visitors feel calm and peaceful in this mosque because of it. The grounds around the mosque have the capacity to contain up to 200K people. The mosque has prayer rooms, a library, a restaurant, and a cafe also for visitors.

The Pakistan Monument

It is a national monument and heritage museum in Islamabad. It is constructed to symbolize the unity of the Pakistani people. The monument covers a 2.8 hectares area. Other facilities are a library, audio-visual archive, conference hall having the capacity for up to 62 seats in an auditorium known as panorama hall. The daily visiting tourist’s average is up to 1500 in Pakistan monument. Everyone gets a lot of entertainment and enjoys visiting this place. Many people from Pakistan and other countries also visit this monument and museum. It is beautifully constructed.

Lok Virsa Museum

The Lok Virsa Museum is also known as The heritage Museum, one of the well-favored and stunning areas to visit for visitors. The Lok Virsa is a historical and cultural museum of Islamabad, Pakistan. This is the largest museum in Pakistan having an area of 60,000 square feet. It has many sitting areas for the visitors like halls, a cafeteria, and grounds. If you see its construction it's too stunning. It is decorated with marble, tiles, mirror work and the most attractive and admirable is its artwork which affects tourists and viewers to make them pleased to see it. Many people come to visit this museum with their families and friends to appreciate its culture, art, and heritage.

Rawal Lake

The lakes and water areas are the places where one can enjoy nature a lot and eyes also feel calm there. So, a most visited place in Islamabad is Rawal lake which is an artificial reservoir, that provides water to the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It covers an 8.8kmsquare area. Around the area, the lake is beautifully decorated with greenery, flowers, picnic spots, and many flowering trees which makes tourists delightful and pleasurable.

Margalla Hills

Margalla Hills is a hill range within the Margalla Hills park located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Margalla Hills is a part of the Himalayan foothills. These are the largest ranges having an area of 12,605 hectares. This rang also has many valleys and high mountains. There are near about 250 to 300 species of plants on the Margalla Hills . It is also a home of various species of wildlife including monkeys, exotic birds, and carnivores like rates and others. When anyone sees Margalla hills he basically enjoys nature because it has totally natural beauty in the trees, plants, and greenery they were grown by God not decorated by any men.

Saidpur Village

The name Saidpur was given due to the Sultan said khan’s name the son of Sultan Sarang khan. It is a beautiful village. Its beauty is hidden in its history and interior. It is the well-established town of Pakistan located near the Margalla Hills in Islamabad. This village is known for its legacy history and old series. Know is a most visited and outing place for Pakistani and outsiders .they love to visit this town. The tourists enjoy cultural and traditional customs as well as the food in this village.

Monal Restaurant

The restaurants are the important place for tourists and visitors they need restaurants and food cafes because when they are visiting many areas they feel hunger too so they need some special and best place where they can eat food. The Monal restaurant is one of the best and most glorious places for visitors. At the monal, we take pride in offering invalid Pakistani cooking style and other like french, cuisine is a rich and assorted like our legacy. The most charming moment on the monal is the sunset time. It is nature’s most glorious moment. Moreover, you can shop for handicrafts and traditional things like jewelry and other things from the monal restaurant.

Islamabad Club

Islamabad Club is one of the relaxing places for tourists who visit Islamabad club when they get tired. You can be a member of the club this is a relaxing way to enjoy games, swimming, tennis and reading books. Islamabad Club is a pleasing place for tourists.

Jinnah supermarket

Jinnah supermarket is a place where you can shop for almost everything you need almost. There are many shops for kids, younger and older ones. Moreover, it has toy shops, books shops, dresses, jewelry, etc.

Itwar Bazar

Itwar Bazar is the Sunday bazaar that opens only every Sunday of the week. There it has every kind of goods with high and low prices also it has a second hand or used things with reasonable prices. It has also fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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