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Karachi is one of the largest cities in Pakistan. It is the 12th largest city in the world. Karachi is a city that has many attractions for tourists. Karachi is a historical and cultural city. This city is well known for, parks, museums, shopping malls, best education system, cinemas, cultural sites, historical places, various farmhouses, and the most important and special sites are the deep blue sea.


Mazar e Qaid is Mausoleum of late the first brave and honest leader of Pakistan Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This was built in 1971 and is beautifully constructed. Mazar e Qaid is the most visited place in Karachi. Mazar e Qaid has some other tombs like Madr e Millat, the tomb of Fatima Ali Jinnah sister of Qaid, Liaquat Ali Khan, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, and Nurul Amin. These are heroes of Pakistan. The tourist can imagine and recognize the struggles and victims of the brave leaders and heroes of Pakistan to achieve a homeland for the nation.

Mohatta Palace

Mohatta Palace is a museum located in Karachi a visiting site designed by Muhammad Komal Hussain in 1927. This palace is a large palace covering an area of 18,500sq ft. It is beautifully designed with yellow and pink stones. The peacock motifs in the domes make the Palace more attractive for tourists. After the separation the palace was given to Fatima Jinnah she spent her ending life years at the palace now the palace has been changed into a museum. The architecture work on the palace building is an attention seeker of the tourists. The palace has many inner places for tourists where they can easily stay to visit the palace completely.

Clifton Beach

If you are looking for a place where you feel nature and a lot of fun and calm, then you must have to visit Clifton Beach once. One of the attractions for tourists is located near the Arabian Sea. The Clifton beach is a sea site and has many recreational activities like camel rides, horse rides, scuba diving, buggy rides, cliff diving, and the most important and traditional play is the plastic planes flying among others. Many people go there to enjoy their time with their families and friends and also capture the memorable moments in the cameras as beautiful memories. The flowing blue water looks like waves of happiness to the viewers.

Charna Island

Charna Island is also known as Churna Island as well as Manjhar Beach also. Located in the Arabian Sea about 9km. Charna is also locally known as Cheerio . Many people like to visit the Charna. Water at the Charna is the main reason which attracts the tourists. It has many recreational activities like scuba diving, free diving, underwater diving, underwater photography, hiking, speed boating, banana tubing, and cliff diving. This is a swimming spot where people go to enjoy swimming which makes a man healthy.

Karachi Zoo

Karachi Zoo is also known as the Zoological Garden located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. This Zoo is the largest zoo in Karachi and also the second-largest zoo in Pakistan. This zoo was established in 1878 before the independence of Pakistan and was called ‘Mahatma Gandhi Garden’, after independence it has been turned into a famous, attractive, and glorious visiting site named Karachi Zoo or Zoological Garden. Zoo has some interesting other parts too for tourists such as
Elephant House
Natural History Museum
Reptile House
Veterinary Hospital
Mughal Garden
White Lions
These are some inner areas of the zoo which are the most visited points in the zoo by tourists. Everyone likes to visit this zoo with their families.

Haleji Lake

Haleji Lake is a large Lake of Karachi covering a 6.58km2 area. This lake is a freshwater lake having pure and fresh blue water. This is the most-liked and visited place of Karachi because anyone feels calm and natural beauty through the water at the lake. This lake is a habitat for migratory birds. You can see a number of birds flying and diving at the lake. This view makes your picnic more enjoyable. This lake is really a paradise for bird lovers. You can make your time special by spending time at this lake with your families and friends. This lake is the biggest picnic point for every tourist.

Frere Hall

Frere Hall is one of the best most visited Places of Karachi which was constructed in 1895 by the British colonial era. Initially, this building served as the city's town hall and has now been turned into an exhibition place and library. The book readers and exhibition lovers like to visit this Palace. Some outsiders also visit this place. Different events and exhibitions are held at Frere Hall which are liked by the people of Pakistan and other countries too.

Quaid e Azam Museum